Beatriz Milz has a PhD in Environmental Science. She is a researcher interested in topics such as: water resources management, transparency and open data, environmental data science, and gender and the environment.

She advocates for Open Data, Open Science, and Open Source Software.

Since 2018, she has been part of the technical team of the journal Ambiente & Sociedade.

Since 2018, she has been an R-Ladies co-organizer of the São Paulo chapter in Brazil.

She is a tidyverse instructor certified by RStudio. She teaches R in short courses at Curso-R, cebrap.lab, and the Summer program at the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics (IME) – University of São Paulo (USP).

She is also a GitHub Star, a recognition from GitHub for people who are experts and technical leaders who share their knowledge with the community. On 09/04/2024, there were only 73 GitHub Stars in the world, and only 8 of them were located in Brazil.